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Video editing, Color
Correction, Titling,
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Film Transfer
8mm, Super 8 &
16mm film with
sound to DVD/VHS

Video Transfer
VHS, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV,
Digital8, DVD & more
transfer to DVD/VHS

Pictures and Slides
Photo Restoration,
Picture Retouching,
Photo & Slide Scanning

Internet Video
Streaming Video
Convert to WMV, RM,
QuickTime, MPEG2/4

Audio Transfer
Audio Cassette, LP, CD,
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We can help restore your 8mm film from improper exposures, age, color loss, and more. Let us add ambience to your film with titles, transitions and music.

8mm film has been around since 1932. It was the first method consumers had for recording home movies. 8mm was actually 25ft of 16mm wide film inside the cartridge. Users would load the film, expose half and then flip the cartridge over and expose the other half. The processing lab would split the film down the middle, join the two halves and return to the customer a 50 foot reel. Super8 film was always a 50 foot reel and provided better quality and faster frame rates. 16mm was essentially a professional format and was superior to both 8mm and Super 8 film. For more information visit Kodak's history page.

Beware of cheap transfer houses. Here is a comparison of our quality service versus a cheaper (and larger) competitor.

Digital Improvements Film Transfer.
Digital Improvements Film Transfer
Cheaper Retail Store Film Transfer.
Image was zoomed & cropped,
colors are lost, contrast is too high.

Retail Film Transfer

Click here for an in-depth comparison.

Add GST/HST for all orders within Canada

Direct Transfer to MP4 on USB or DVD

$00.30 per foot

Film Amounts
50ft reel (3 inches) = $15.00
100ft reel (4 inches) = $30.00
200ft reel (5 inches) = $60.00
300ft reel (6 inches) = $90.00
400ft reel (7 inches) = $120.00

+ $19.95 per DVD (up to 2 hours)

You can provide your own USB-3 stick/drive or you can get a SanDisk 64GB USB3 stick from us for only $20 (we do not transfer to USB2 sticks/drives)



Upgrades available below
  1. Pure Digital Frame by Frame transfer
  2. 100% frame accuracy
  3. Sound transfer for Super8 & 16mm
  4. Each DVD holds approximately 1500 feet of 8mm, 1800 feet for Super8 or 4200 feet of 16mm (16fps, 18fps, 24fps respectively)
  5. DVD chapters - every 5/10/15 minutes
  6. Standard DVD menu screen
  7. Color DVD text label (max two lines)
  8. Color DVD text case cover (max two lines)
  9. No video correction
  10. No titles
  11. No transitions or other features

* MiniDV is an extra $14.95 for up to 1 hour of video (no printed labels or cover)
* VHS is an extra $9.95 for up to 2 hours
* SVHS is an extra $14.95 for up to 2 hours

Hand Cleaning & Repairs
$00.30 per foot
  1. Inspection
  2. Cleaning
  3. Repairs (add'l cost listed below)
Reel Estimates

Film Amounts
50ft reel (3 inches) = $15.00
100ft reel (4 inches) = $30.00
200ft reel (5 inches) = $60.00
300ft reel (6 inches) = $90.00
400ft reel (7 inches) = $120.00

Run Times estimated based on common Frames Per Second (FPS)
Each 50ft of 8mm = 4:10
Each 50ft of Super8 = 3:20
Each 50ft of 16mm = 1:23


Extra DVD copies - $14.95 - Picture labels & cases are extra

Upgrades for Film Transfers
DVD text label/case to DVD Picture label/case

$9.95 each

DVD Menu Theme

$14.95 each

Film Repair (individual splice)

$4.95 each

New Leader

$4.95 each

Digital Master on DVD (in DV-AVI Format)

$12.95 - Per 18 1/2 minutes (18 1/2 minutes fits on a single DVD and can be copied to any computer)

Specified Chapters

$2.95 - Per chapter


$3.95 - Per track (0-6 minutes) (customer supplied WAV or MP3)

Picture or Invitation scanning

$4.95 - Per picture or invitation

Still Picture Insertion

$3.95 - Per picture (digital)

Still Picture Extraction

$14.95 - Per picture + cost of CD or Print




& Examples

8mm Film Restoration

Roll your mouse on and off the images below

"Extremely professional and friendly service. I would definitely recommend Digital Improvements for restoring/converting your special memories. Thanks David for such good results."
Brad G. - Toronto, ON

VHS Restoration

"Thank you ever so much for the great job you did in transposing our home reel to reel family movies to DVD.
The quality is indeed excellent.
We can now enjoy watching our home movies taken some 40 years ago by simply popping the DVD's into our DVD player.
It's also very comforting to know that we have now preserved clips from our family past for our children's children to enjoy."
Alex A. - Mississauga, Ontario



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